Chapter 1 On The Run


Chapter 2 Behind the Veil


Chapter 3 The Goddess is Born


Chapter 4 The Change Inside


Chapter 5 Living Free


Chapter 6 Stealth Camping


Chapter 7 Camouflage


Chapter 8 The Muse


Chapter 9 Training With Lisa

Chapter 1 On The Run



Captain Perkins was now on the run for his life, the Zionists had attacked his wedding, he managed to escape with his bride Lisa and his Gunner and Lisa’s eunuch, the very gay faggot Jeffries.  Pickens had a long history with the Gunner, which he called Guns, they had flown together for 8 years.  Lisa, his new bride, he’d only known for 12 days, and her eunuch he met only 3 days prior.  History with the person you’re in a survival situation is of utmost importance, who can you trust?


Just a little over a week earlier he had bombed Jerusalem off the map with a B61 nukes, and Mecca, and the IDF position on the Meggido hill and Dimona Nuclear Weapons production facility.  A day later he took out the Tel Aviv University Campus, destroying the Torah depositories.  Certain people wanted him dead, because he destroyed the very basis of Western culture’s Jewish roots and Rothschild’s Bastard State of Israel.  Perkins often joked, it’s good to be wanted.

Now he was running for his life, the Zionists had managed to attack the USAF Academy while he was getting married, they tried to assassinate the new President of the New States of America.  He had no idea the fate of those who remained there fighting the airborne assault, that was no longer his problem, his immediate concern was survival for himself, for his bride, the gunner, and that other guy he preferred not to think about, in that order.

The Gunner he could trust with his life, and he could trust with their weapons, he had no idea about his bride or the gay guy Jeffries who had an emotional breakdown during the attack.  His bride Lisa managed to calm him down, her love and him being tasked by her got his mind off the disastrous situation they were now in.  They were moving away from the front line and going north toward thicker woods and more rugged terrain.

Their first advantage was that the attackers didn’t know about them, that was of utmost importance, not to be known to the enemy.  Hiding identity is of grave importance to those running from any legal system that is tasked to identify everyone.  The first way anyone is identified is by looks then by name, he knew that the first night he must brief his band about this and choose new identities.  Whatever they used to be was no more.  They no longer existed in the Rothschild system of control.

At camp tonight they needed to know what resources they had, did they have any cutting tools, knives, maps?  They needed maps and a plan of navigation to get to a safe area.  Then they needed water, they were in the Rocky Mountains, it was spring time, there was lots of fresh water and snow.  Then they needed to stay warm, the mountains could get cold even in the summer time, it was only April, and the temperatures would be in the low 30’s, which is mighty cold if you are trying to sleep even with good insulation.

It was noon and they stopped, the attack occurred just before 10 A.M., they ran to their stash spot, got dressed and immediately moved out.  No one was bleeding badly, no one had injured and could walk or run, no one was sunburned or badly bruised – and his first concern was safe passage with no transit injuries.

Secondly they had to make sure they didn’t get caught, which means that can’t be spotted or in a technological age, detected by any number of sensing technologies like thermal imaging, trail cams, satellites, spot lights, aircraft, other people, law enforcement, and when they stopped tonight they needed to locate and disable any microchips in their clothing  – or better yet discard or burn any suspected clothing.

You have to move and not get caught without getting injured, and while doing this you have to stay warm or cool in the sun or out of the sun.  Rain and snow could make travel extremely unpleasant, difficult to impossible.  So of great concern in this situation, was not to get trapped by the weather or the enemy, and the way to solve the later problem was to move as quickly and as far away as possible, without leaving a trail – just like any game does when hunted.

The next thing Perkins was thinking about is once they got to safety, that is far away from the enemy, is that he needed to manage their situation so that they never had to run again in a panic mode.   This was the key to survival, trust with compatriots and safety in location.  When they reached safe haven, could they freely collect food and supplies without detection or threat?

When they stopped, they had hiked briskly for nearly two hours, and they stopped at an ideal location, they were near a crystal clear creek, they could hydrate and bathe and fill all the containers with good water.  They had a view of the valley below, they had the cover of dense creek foliage.  Perkins sat next to his new bride Lisa, how was she doing.  They had a quick kiss, the situation had killed their never-ending passion.  In survival situations, sex can be the last priority, intense fear or deprivation kills the reproductive urge.

As the leader, Perkins had to manage the relationships in the group, he had to tend to everyone’s emotional needs, not just his bride.  He had to ensure that everyone got along, he had to handle complaints and be the fair arbitrage, the judge so to speak, the one everyone could trust for fair treatment.  Perkins was now the father of the group, he finds a dry log,  sits down and invites Lisa to sit next to him.

The Gunner looks at him, “Sir, I am going to scout around and be back in 15.”  Jeffries hikes down the creek to relieve himself, the two lovers now have a moment to themselves, the first time since the wedding.

He extends his right hand and she sees his wound for the first time, “Oh dear,”  she exclaims knowing the origin, her fingernails that dug in when they ran for their lives.  She squats in front of him, she holds his hand and does a closeup examination, the wound wasn’t bleeding, she wraps her hand around his so that her fingers match the wounds, then takes his hand and hers and puts it up against her cheek, comforting him then she presses her head and hands together softly into his chest.  He caresses her back and kisses the top of her head.  “It’s ok, it ain’t nothing.”

Her man is a powerhouse of energy, she can hear his heart beating, she looks up into his eyes with adoring love, he is so powerful and yet so gentle, such a man.  He didn’t get angry, and she realizes that he hid his wound so she wouldn’t become upset.  She is committed to this man, and her job now is to comfort him as often as he will allow, she must be a good follower, and pay attention to the situation at hand and be of service, anticipating his needs.  She gets some cold creek water in a plastic cup she has in her pack and holds it for him to drink, then she dabs a wash cloth and removes the blood stain on his chin where her flying wedding shoe had gouged a cut.

Now that she has opened her pack, Perkins asks “Whatch ‘ya got in there?”  She says what she told him before, “Stuff, … just some stuff.”  “Oh,” he replies, not pressing any further.  It doesn’t really matter to him, he is carrying her pack and it is heavier than his and he is only curious as to why.  He remains silent, allowing the tension to build, she is very feminine and he knows in her ‘girl’ mind that his question will run in circles until she can’t stand it and does something about it.  So he just sits on the log next to her, silently sipping, waiting.

After just a few moments of fiddling with her pack, she says, “You know, … I can carry my pack, what if I put some of my stuff in your pack, that way I’ll be able to help out?”

“Sure, that’s a really good idea,”  he moves his pack he had put behind the log to her leg.  As leader, he consciously rewards her for her initiative with a positive comment.

She is now sitting next to him, going through her pack, making light of the situation.  She eases the tension with her feminine energy.  Perkins knows exactly what she is doing and plays along, for a good leader is also a good follower, and he also knows that when he plays along, he must do so convincingly, play the part so to speak without her catching on.

Perkins is always thinking, because as the leader he must be always thinking and keeping the group safe, and staying several steps ahead of the situation.  The leader must lead by offering solutions to any problem that might arise, by keeping on top of all situations.  Leadership is born of experience and knowledge, patience in observation, and understanding the psychology of the team players.

This is now her moment, he need only let her lead with the examination of the contents of her ‘girl’ stuff.  He smiles in anticipation of playing this game.


Jeffries comes back up the creek and wants to help but she shoes him off, she gives him the expression, ‘not now!’  He hikes upstream pouting, Perkins knows that Jeffries is going to be going through big changes in the coming weeks, whatever made him gay is going to dissolve as he becomes a man in the woods.  He also knows he’s playing the role as his father, he will guide his soul back to spiritual and mental health, and he also knows that if Jeffries becomes a man, he will have to keep him away from his woman.  So he’s glad Lisa shooed him away, that is a good start.

He was very happy with Lisa so far, he wants to interact with her alone as she shows him all her stuff.  He already knows that she will pull out of her pack all kinds of girl accoutrements that are totally useless in the present situation, that should be immediately tossed, or in this survival situation, where they are being hunted, buried out of sight.  He knows before she pulls out the first thing, he will have to compromise and keep her happy, because his role is to facilitate her survival learning experience, not forcefully intercede, unless of course, it becomes necessary.

He smiles at her, he loves this woman like no other, and she has such an unearthly beauty and presence that he decides to study her as she does show and tell.  He stares at her flawless skin and decides that tonight, he’ll start uncovering the mystery of this girl, just who is she anyways?

She is still looking inside her pack, which is packed full of all the stuff she thinks she needed for survival.  This ought to be fun, he muses to himself, this is a great opportunity to tease her.  Perkins has a devious side, that naughty little boy who teases his sister has never left his psyche.

She straddles the log toward him, purposefully bumping his body with her legs, to get his attention.  She puts the pack on the log between them and prompts him to look at what she is doing, he is feigning that he doesn’t care, playing a role in this movie.  This time she opens her pack again sexually, as if she was removing her shorts.  This is a strip routine for her, showing herself by removing one item at a time.

She slowly puts her hand inside and brings out an oversize mirror and holds it up so she sees both of them in it, as she positions the mirror past his head she is leaning over and kisses him thanking him for his approval.  This sex pot is always a tease, and he loves it, he takes the mirror from her and says, “What else you got in there?” She dutifully scans her stuff and pulls out her oversize brush, and brushes her hair, flinging her hair side to side to tease him further, he holds up the mirror so she can comb her bangs the way she wants.

She says “I got a candy bar!”  and pulls it out tapping it against the side of her lips.  “Well … are you going to eat it?”  he laughs thinking that was a good line for what she was doing.  She says, “Sure!” and opens the wrapper and breaks it in half to share. While eating, he sees the Gunner returning, who immediately sizes up the situation and goes up the creek to keep Jeffries occupied and away from the bonding couple.

Then our little sex bunny, who’s a honey pot with lots of training, pulls out a half-dozen loaded clips for his Ruger 9mm pistol.  She acts nonchalant, “Oh I brought these for you,”  with a limp wrist she hands him the clips expertly bound together with a shoelace, as if she’s never been around guns.  She has drawn little white hearts with an ink pen on the side of the outside clip, and printed  “I LOVE YOU,” in artsy girl style.

He is surprised, “Good thinkin’ babe,” points to the graffiti “nice touch,” and puts the very needed clips in his pack. He gives her a wet kiss for doing good.  She puts his hand on her breast – prompting him for sex, but he says, later.  She gives him pouting eyes, for her number one job is to stay dolled up and be ready for all of his needs.

Perkins whistles softly, the Gunner and Jeffries return.  He says nothing and allows the Gunner to brief on what lies ahead.  The gunner found a potential camp area, only a two-hour hike.  So they start off, now trained in proper order:  Gunner, Jeffries, Lisa, and Perkins following to make sure nothing is dropped and no person is left behind.


Chapter 2 Behind the Veil



As they hike to the first night’s camp, Perkins has his troupe drink water every 15 minutes, dehydration is the number one problem for newbies in the woods.  He doesn’t need to hydrate that often because he is conscious of his hydration level at all times, but he does so with the group as example.  Proof  of hydration is clear piss, he tells Jeffries to report the color of his pee, and he needs Lisa to pee in a container so he can make a visual check.


She’s happy to do so, she has a good understanding of her commander, if he says do it, she does it, because he wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t necessary.  Lisa asks what container should they use, no one offers one, so she asks Perkins, can you watch for me?  He politely refuses with a smile, he doesn’t want his imagination of her hotness ruined.

The terrain is arid, it is fairly easy-going, they walk the contour lines keeping in the tree cover.  They stay off the ranch roads, which are already dry and dusty, when they cross a dirt road they all step in leads prints.  Perkins makes a homemade brush before reaching the road and wipes the prints clean, then he scatters handfuls of silt to cover the sweep marks. When he’s done only an Indian could tell they’ve been there.

Lisa thinks it’s fun, she’s never had to hike so seriously.  She can’t understand why the Gunner and Perkins are so anal about leaving a trace, their ain’t a soul around except for a mule deer and some cow elk.  She finds the new adventure exciting, but they keep telling her to shhhh.


They find the camp spot the Gunner had spotted across the valley, now they have a valley behind them, to spot any intruders.  Hay Creek Reservoir is below them, acting as a natural barrier and they decide to take a dip.  They are still relatively close to the enemy lines, about 10 miles north but they feel safe from any lack of audible or visible activity.  No one is around but the local wildlife, if the animals are in the area then it’s ok to swim.  It is early afternoon, it is an unusually warm April day, about 72 F the hike has made them sweaty and getting clean would be good for the spirit.


Perkins immediately chooses a camp spot, he and the gunner build a fire pit while Lisa and Jeffries gather squaw wood, kindling and fire logs. Before they go for a swim he convinces his team to collect firewood for a few minutes.  He has much experience camping in Montana and he is worried that the first night will be brutally cold, and they don’t have jackets or sleeping bags.

Perkins now needs to get the party organized gathering sleeping materials.  They must get blankets.  The gunner agrees to go down and scout, he’ll need to get blankets, he knows there is a ranch cabin and out buildings down the road. Perkins tells him to take only what they need and what the rancher won’t miss, and steal some food if he can.  Jeffries insists he wants to go, civilization begs him.  He let’s him go – under supervision of the Gunner.

After the other two males disappear around the ridge, Perkins and Lisa go for the swim.   The couple is now alone and both wanting to get back in a romantic mood, it is their honeymoon after all.  When they get to the reservoir, the bottom is muddy, they strip down and Perkin immediately dives in to avoid squishing his feet in the muddy bottom.  It’s cold, but he loves it, he is used to swimming in cold water.

Its sunny and warm, he begs Lisa to join him, she tests the water with her toes and gives him a funny face.  She wades in about ankle deep, but won’t go any further, she splashes some of the cold water on her body and wipes the grime of the hike off.  Perkins swims up and splashes her, his hands muddy from the bottom, she doesn’t like this mud pond or the cold semi-murky water.  It’s not a hot bubble bath, like she is used to.

Perkins naughty boy side gets the best of him, he decides she is going to swim with him whether she likes it or not.  She sees the look on his face and get outs retreating from his advance, he’s dripping wet, cold, and muddy.  He gives chase and throws her over his shoulder like a cave man and runs full speed back into the cold pond with her screaming and flailing.  She’s mad at him but doesn’t show it, it is their honeymoon.

They dry off in the sun, their wet skin soon dries, the shrinking and expanding skin giving and exhilaration feeling.  What Lisa learns that day is that the cold water is psychological barrier, you won’t die if you jump in, cold water is only a problem if you can’t get warm again.  When you are in the woods you can bath in ice water, so long as you can get warm by a fire, in a running car, a hot spring, or a warm sleeping bag.

As they warm up in the bright sun, Lisa loves how she feels, she’s never been swimming like this before, the experience makes you feel clean and vigorous, strong, happy, the water clears all the negative vibes.  She feels like she has all the energy in the world and starts dancing around, Perkins pretends to be amused, he is concerned that her screaming could bring negative attention.  They get dressed and head back up the hill to the camp site completely reinvigorated without eating any food.

As the shadows start getting longer as the sun sets to the west casting the shadows of the mountains and trees, they hike up the Ponderosa Pine sage covered hill and start looking for some dry insulation material to collect.  They have 2 hours of sunlight left, he decides the best thing to do is gather up pine cones and needles.  They spread a blanket near a large P-Pine and gather up the easy to pick cones first, they quickly make a bushel full.


As they clear the cones they decide they should camp under that big Ponderosa which has a thick carpet of grass compared to the rocky dirt of the surrounding sage brush at their first camp spot.  Why should they move the cones and pine needles, it would be easier to move the branches they gathered.  So they fetch the packs and the firewood in a couple of trips.  They have a dry place to sleep, under a giant Ponderosa that hides their camp from aircraft or satellites.

It is their wedding night and she is so excited, being a good sport considering the circumstance, he wants her to have the best experience. But Perkins has an agenda with her, he wants to know what kind of training she got and from whom.  He also wants to start exploring her psyche about her off world comments she frequently makes.  He needs to remove the veil in her mind that is covering up the earlier part of her life.  He thinks she is honest, but doesn’t consciously know her past very well.

Being in this survival situation, he makes the decision he will start secretly interrogating her about her past, he first slyly makes small talk about the beauty of the natural world as he builds a new fire pit by making a circle of rocks.

“So girl, where did you grow up?” as they collect kindling and prepare to light the camp fire.

She replies, “Another place.”

Vague as usual he thinks.  “What was it like, did you have fun playing with your sisters?”  Perkins asks cleverly, remembering her earlier statements about impregnating all her ‘sisters’.

“Yes,” she replies, “We had lots of fun,” she says deviously.

He continues with the questions, but she’s on to him and gives him nothing, as if she was trained that way.  He worries he just ruined his wedding night, interrogation does not make good romance.

When dusk settles in Perkins assigns her to light the fire.  He gives her a few pointers, and she gets it going quickly, using Ponderosa Pine needles as the fire starting material.  The pine needle light instantly, then the flame gets the pine cones burning, which have much pitch and explode into a hot flame.  The fire immediately springs up and the heat is welcome, they add larger and larger branches, soon the fire is to big and to hot.


As the temperature rapidly drops, they cuddle with their backs toward the tree trunk, the shadows of the fire dance against the tree trunks in their little cove.  Perkins thinks that maybe this honeymoon night won’t be a complete disaster.  If they only had blankets then this would be a peak experience.

Lisa quickly learns to control the camp fire, it requires constant attention.  The dry wood burns quickly, Perkins drags in some larger branches then logs and puts one behind the fire pit to reflect the heat toward them, and to stabilize the flame from wind gusts.

They cuddle and look up into the night sky, the stars and Milky Way stand out, the outline of the pines makes for a spectacular view.  The view is beautiful, romantic, the stars are prominent, a comet whizzes by, she kisses him on his neck and says “I love you, I really love you,” she whispers in his ear.  The way she says it puzzles ever alert Captain Perkins.  She said it in a low voice, not her normal voice.  Who is talking to me, he wonders.


She squirms  into his lap, trying not to let the cold night air into the blanket that is wrapped around them, she is closer to the fire, he wraps his arms around her pulling the bed sheet in tighter.

Perkins casually comments, “I bet there is life out there,” as they gaze to the star filled heavens.

Her reply surprises him, she says matter of factly, “There is more life and lifeforms than you can imagine, and more human colonies than you can count.”

“Well I can imagine a lot he says,” egging her on.  She doesn’t bite.  Once again, she talked with authority, as if she knew what was out there.  He had seen science fiction shows about human colonies in space, that wouldn’t be difficult to claim that and impossible to prove he thinks.

She gets up to pee and comes back with her wedding veil on, she saved it during their escape.  She wants to wear it all night.  She asks, does it look ok?   She’s shivering, she climbs back into his lap.  He wraps her up again in, keeping her warm with his large frame.

Perkins has had enough, and the rugged hike and swim has made him more aggressive than usual, he asks her more directly,  “Are you from earth?”

She turns her head the side, “Yes…”, the veil crosses his face making it difficult to breathe.

He knows she did that intentionally, he continues, “You were born on this planet, right?”

“Yep,”  now she knows what he is fishing for.  “I’m 100% human woman, but I channel the goddess.”

Perkins feels relieved, “Oh.”  he says like he’s not concerned.  He had dated New Age girls and had read books on channeling, so he was very familiar with channeling off world consciousness, although he thought it mostly as bullshit and wishful thinking.

“She talks to me, she talks through me, but it is not by a voice,”  Lisa says succinctly.  “I get dreams that impress a feeling on me, I feel her energy, the feelings I get are overwhelming, sometimes I cry for no reason.”

“So how often does she communicate to you?” ask Perkins, now concerned he married a head case, he’s dated sketchy girls that cry for no reason, is she being genuine or is she up to her tricks again he wonders.

She laughs, “Oh that low voice was just me adding dramatic effect.  I was letting you into my world.  Did I scare you big boy?”

To counter her aggressive tone he says, “So how do I know if I am talking to you or her?”

“Me,” she replies,

“Well who is the me right now?”  he asks politely but forcefully.

He is realizing she is more complicated than he originally gave her credit for, she had played him well on the hike to Eagles Peak.  So apparently she does this mind fucking regularly.

“Think of it this way,  I am your wife and lover and whatever else you want me to be, I am assigned to you, but I am also the goddess in human form.”

“Oh … Ok,”  Perkins stammers, nervous about this chicks power trip, maybe she is psycho.  “What happened to my Lisa?” he manages to stammer out a defense and longing for the girl he used to know.

Lisa then says, “I am not a head case, I am not a psycho, I am a very sensitive woman who was gifted with this ability to channel this feminine energy that exists in the Universe.”  She pulls the veil over her face.  I am the face of the goddess and I am here to protect and serve you, to protect you from harm.”

Perkins now is thinking she is crazy, protect me?   She’s only a 110 lbs,  “Why didn’t you tell me these revelations before we got married?”

“I was assigned to you, I didn’t want to jeopardize the contract.  You forget, I am a spy, I work for the state.”

“Which state,” Perkins asks.

“For the state of …”  she doesn’t finish.

He knows she is lying, and she knows he knows so she stops.

Perkins now is not liking any of this, to the point he is ready to walk away.  She puts his arm around her and he pulls it away.  She stands up, between him and the fire, and looks down on him.  “What do you want me to do?”

He stares at her, pulling the bed sheet around himself to stay warm, she is blocking the fire.  He looks at her, “You can’t expect me to want you anymore,”  then puts his head down and ignores her.

All of a sudden he feels completely exhausted.  This is too much he thinks.  He lies on his side, curled up like a baby.

She stands there for about two minutes shivering, “I’m freezing.”  Perkins doesn’t respond.  She nudges him with her bare foot, pushing on his shoulder.

Out of compassion he opens up the blanket for her, she climbs in and cuddles, she tries to get him to have sex, she pulls down her shorts but he doesn’t enter her.   He has a hard on, but his integrity won’t allow him to fuck.  She reaches around and strokes his cock and tries to pull it out, but he resists.  She just blew it big time, and now she is demeaning herself like a whore.  He’s disgusted by her now. He commands her to stop.

They lay there, she is shivering, he pulls her in closer.  His erection presses up against her, and she is upset that he doesn’t fuck her, no man has ever resisted her, no man could resist her until she met this man because no man before had his integrity and character.

He can’t sleep and neither can she.  It is their wedding night, they are in a survival situation, and she has dropped the bomb of bombs on him.  He decides that he will decide about her tomorrow.   This is their second fight, and this one might end their relationship as he drifts off to sleep.

nature queen

Chapter 3 The Goddess is Born




Perkins wakes up shivering, the fire was out, Lisa was asleep.  He gets up and carefully pulls the bed sheet over and covers his new, ‘crazy’ wife.  He puts wood on the fire, he blows on the dusty grey coals till they turn red, he adds some pine needles and blows some more until they glow red then orange then white until they light.  He carefully adds some pine cones and sticks until the fire is going.  He is skilled at this, he’s done it his entire life and his ancestors did it for tens of thousands of years.  Fire building must part of our human genome, he muses.

hot girls a reality

He takes a pee, to the side, it’s to cold to walk far, she squirms and says something unintelligible, it is cold.  He takes the packs and puts them behind for insulation, he lays down but can’t get the sheet unwrapped from her, she is being stubborn, she is being a bitch.  He kneels by her and grabs the sheet and pulls it up, unraveling her, she spins and lands on the ground.  She starts crying.  He lays down next to her, thank god she pulled her shorts back up, maybe she is getting her dignity back.

He cuddles her and gets the sheet around them as best as possible, tucking it under her carefully, he pulls the packs to his back for insulation.  He drifts off, back into sleep.  He dreams about the intense emotional situation of the previous day, when he awakes he remembers the dream about her wedding dress, the red dots he saw momentarily just before they fled the assault.  He remembers the dream vividly, he has a strong psychic impression she is not pregnant.

He gets up just after daybreak and gets the fire stoked again, pondering their conversation the night before, he is bothered by her other self, she was more aggressive and assertive, he misses the Lisa he fell in love with.  The myth of his sex bomb has been shattered, she has another side, where she is manipulative, assertive, aggressive, and authoritative.  He doesn’t like this other woman.

He considers her psychic ability, she countered his thoughts as if she was picking up on them.  When he projected a thought that she was crazy and she caught that thought and stated forcefully that she wasn’t.  She is good at this, he reasons, and he just had a vivid dream of her not being pregnant, he must test his own ability.

She pretends to be asleep, she can not face him, he builds the fire bigger until the heat forces her to move back, she rolls over – now like a mummy.  She knows he did that intentionally, she just had her wedding night and he didn’t even fuck her, she is not a happy camper or a happy wife.  She now feels guilty about her behavior, her feminine side comes rushing back, she had not completed her wifely duty, she did not make her man happy last night.

Finally, she sits up wrapping the sheet around herself, now stained with pine cone sap and dirt, covered in prickly pine needles.  Perkins looks at her, he looks at the scene like a movie director, the dirty sheet looks like a metaphor of her inner whore, her dirty side now revealed.  He watches closely as her tears well around her eyes, they slowly drip down her cheek, he says nothing, he does nothing, he decides to maintain a state of compassion for her sake.

Perkins is a seasoned leader, he ran a bomber crew for over a decade, he has dealt with a whole lot of shit from his crew members and Command.  He is glad he didn’t over react to her nonsense last night, if she had run off then he would have had to chase her, if she got lost, she might have died from the cold.  But now she is alive and breathing, that is better than what could have happened if he had reacted.  They have the whole day to sort out this shit that is working its way through her, they have nowhere to go but to do this processing.  He knows that a good leader never over reacts, a great leader always remains an island of stability in the sea of chaos.

He knows one thing and this one thing for sure and that is that he must stay dominant or all else is lost.  Her beauty in his mind’s eye is now lost, they won’t be fucking anytime soon, perhaps never again, she is now a patient of his.  She can still read his thoughts, and she looks over at him when he thinks of her as a patient – she puts her head between her legs completely ashamed of her behavior.  She is dealing with a man she never has dealt with before, her manipulative behavior that worked on hundreds of men, didn’t work on him.

Perkins also knows about how stress can create a problem like he is now.  In a survival situation, when humans are cast out of their normal comfort zone, they can freak out, become aggressive.  They simply have to adapt to the new conditions, he can see she is adapting, going through a process, he has to let it flow and not interfere much.  She will realize what she has to realize, it is the way things are.

After a half hour, the sun is now fully up, the night has fallen away, the daytime consciousness is now overwhelming what happened in the dark, he says “I had a dream of you last night.”

She says nothing, waiting for the hammer to fall.  The way he said it was ominous.  Kill me she thinks.

Perkins continues, “You’re not pregnant.”

She looks at him like how the fuck do you know? She pushes the sheet away and pulls open her shorts and puts her right index finger in her vagina, pulls it out and sees the blood, and looks at him, “You’re right,” her first words since the fight – words that affirmed him.

Now she is shattered, her pregnancy was the last hope she had with him, bonding by offspring.  She cleans her finger with dirt, he sweeps back her hair that has pine needles stuck in, she plays with a new dread forming from the sap that stuck her hair together.  She is a mess, she feels like a cave woman.  Reality sucks.

He gets up and stretches, this is going to be a long day he thinks.  He forces himself to drink water, he wishes he had coffee, he emotes that wish as a feeling.  Lisa instantly responds, “I have coffee, some instant.”  She has perked up. He is amazed, she really does read my thoughts if I emote the thought with feeling.

She now feels better about herself, now she can serve her man, she needed to do something that repairs last nights damage.  She ties her hair up in a big knot, wraps the blanket around her upper body like and Indian Princess, and gets busy making her man coffee.  She pulls two brand new stainless steel camping cups with wire handles out of her pack, they still have the price tags.  She fills up the cups and gives them to him, and quietly asks him to heat the water.

He graciously does so without a word, he is happy that she is serving him. He places the metal cups directly on the coals.  He knows that a woman serving a man is how Nature makes both sexes happy.  He is now only helping her lead in the coffee production, he plays his role magnificently, being present and conscious of all his actions.  He thinks a positive thoughts about her, she was prepared, she had purchased the correct cups.  In less than three minutes both cups are steaming, he retrieves them and places them on a flat rock next to the fire pit.

He sits down and invites her over.  She dutifully obeys, she starts sitting down next to him, being careful to not touch him.  He says “Get over here and forcefully pulls her to his lap.  Sit!”  She does in a state of fear, like a school girl who is about to be whipped.  He picks up her coffee cup, testing the temperature, making sure it is not to hot for her to handle, he gives it to her. She adds the instant coffee.  The aroma smells wonderful.

His Lisa is back and Perkins now intends that it shall remain that way.  She can feel his male energy dominating her, and she allows it.  Then see meekly says, “I am sorry about last night,” keeping her head bowed so as not to offend.

“Forget about it,” he commands.  She nods in compliance.  Things are getting better he thinks, she starts to snuggle him as she feels that energy.  She feels better about him allowing her to touch him. They warm up to each other quickly, within minutes and a couple sips of coffee Perkins is horny for her.

He pushes her to the ground and pulls the blanket away and takes her.  She is now happy, she is now satisfying her man, she dares not move, she allows him to have his way, she knows that there is no better way to make up than sex.  Sex bonds him to her, it is a chemical thing that goes on in his and her cells.

He doesn’t take long, the tension was like a tight guitar string, the emotions were wound up tight, he releases his energy into her, she feels his power and arches as he reaches climax, she comes also in sync with him.

She has more tears as she feels his love coming back, enveloping her, this is the first time she cried this way.  She decides never to do what she did yesterday, she has now matured as his wife.  She knows how to be the wife, she must submit to his dominant energy, for her to be complete as a woman she must be feminine, receptive, loving, caring, warm, and with integrity.  Her inner whore now dead.

Perkins grabs her by the hand and leads her down to pond, they still have their coffee, he is pondering what just happened, when he first got up he thought he would never fuck her again, she had disgusted him, then in less than an hour he did fuck her.  How could that be, how did his consciousness change that much in only an hour?   It was the energy flow between them, his consciousness was slaved to the energy equation between them, when she was receptive energy he wanted her, when she was trying to be dominant he was repulsed.

They clean up with a rag made from his t-shirt.  Their clothes were already in tatters, he could see that they needed supplies, it was time to head down the road, in the direction of the Gunner.  What happened to him?  They needed blankets, thick blankets, because when you are in North America, your blanket is your survival.

She makes herself beautiful as they walk along the ranch road, she puts flowers in her matted hair, they are now unconcerned about leaving tracks.  Her beauty is for him, she is the goddess for him, she will never again lust after another man, such a thought is repulsive to her now, what happened the night before made her feel unwanted and dirty.

That aspect of herself is now behind the veil where it shall be kept, her thoughts are now to find new clothes to represent her new self, for now she must make herself the most beautiful goddess on the planet.

Aishwarya Rai

Chapter 4 The Change Inside



Perkins and Lisa make their way slowly down the ranch road.  They are now walking differently today than they ever have walked in their life, they were walking as a couple, as a bonded married couple.  He intentionally adjusts his pace to match her comfort.  She walks close to him, holding his left arm, she is maintaining constant skin to skin contact, matching his step, she is now barefoot.  They had a rough first night, but they had made up, they now were in search of blankets, a bed roll to make sleeping out-of-doors tolerable.


Already they were losing weight, being outside they burned more calories per hour, their bodies were now scavenging for nutrition, their skin was being tanned, their cheeks were flushed from the cold air, they were now becoming wild, just as Nature meant them to be.

Perkins knew this was happening, he had spent his entire child hood on the farm, he hunted and trapped and he knew what it was like to be outside nearly all of the time, but he was wondering about her, he needed to protect her, his love that was nearly shattered the night before had been quickly restored by the magic of a spiritually interaction with one another.  Being in Nature, in a survival situation, was radically transforming them.

Perkins was ever alert, he was lead, she was now his new wingman.  He was on a new path, and he could already feel the change within, he was now her man, her protector, her rock, her anchor, her everything.  He needed to let his old self slip away and become her husband.  He knew it was the way it was, it was the way of his specie, he wondered if there was a Universal Energy Management System, a conscious system that pairs and mates humans in the living holographic Universe.

He sees a single mated pair of geese on the pond, the pond they swam in the day before.  Geese mate for life, funny how he just happens to see them as they walk by, just as he has that thought.  They were paired that night, a situation occurred that paired them, that shoved their consciousness into a new pattern, and Perkins, being ever conscious of his situation, wondered if an energy management system did this.  His thoughts were now matching what he was observing as if his consciousness was unfolding in some fractal pattern.

Lisa was also thinking the same thing at the same time, but from her perspective, she was now his emotional support, his lover, and his wife.  She accepted this role because it was the only correct way to be.  Not being his lover, not being his companion, not being true to him felt terrible, disgusting, alone, confused, rejected.  She has now matched his integrity in order to maintain sanity.  Her old self had fallen away.  She sees the geese and feels the connection to them, she squeezes his hand exactly when he is realizing the thought that geese mate for life. 

The two were now married by ceremony and now they were married by spirit.  Overnight the change happened, their former selves dissolved, they were reborn, as husband and wife.  Nothing forced either to accept these new identities, they freely accepted this while they were in the transformation.  Perkins thought deeply about this as they moved along, then he started thinking about the situation at hand.  He knew that to fight a revolution, the revolutionary leaders must excel in integrity, otherwise what would be the point in overthrowing the system?

Perkins now focused his attention on the nation, the nation was fucked up beyond recognition, and he knew why.  Jews.  The Jews had infiltrated the political system and changed it to their liking, which was the destruction of everyone and everything non-Jewish.  They were the destroyer tribe, and this tribe was infesting America, and Perkins was damned determined to expel the Jew from his homeland.  The Jews were no longer welcome in America.

He was conscious that the revolutionary movement would sweep away the old regime, the corrupt two-party system whored to Jewish interests.  The nation had fallen, like the Trade towers on 911, America was now a police state, a criminal enterprise run by monied interests.  The entire system was corrupt, and those who took part in the corruption were the bad seed, that needed not just purging, but elimination.

He needn’t bother Lisa, at this point in their new fledgling relationship with this, he could inform her later.  Right now he needed to find out what triggered the change in her behavior.  He went over yesterday’s movie script.  Then he realized it must have been when he initiated force, he had taken her for a swim in the cold water when she didn’t want to.  He decides to bring this up, he asks her in the form as a confession, “I know I messed up yesterday when I took you swimming against your will.”

She wasn’t speaking much on their walk, she holds him back so that they stop walking when he admits guilt.  She presses herself against him and hugs him, tears well up again.  Perkins is amazed how sensitive she is now, the real Lisa is extremely sensitive, that is why she can read emotions and thoughts.  She looks up into his eyes when he thinks that and hugs him tighter as confirmation.  She can easily read his thoughts, especially when she is looking directly into my facial expressions.  She nods.


He knows he got it right, he files that information away – never initiate force against Lisa.  He immediately wonders what would happen if someone pulled a gun on them, did she get special mind control training, was she a secret weapon, and how could he get her file.  They continue on, she wipes away her tears and picks a bouquet of wild flowers.  He patiently waits her activities, she seems unconcerned about the Gunner and Jeffries, as if she knows something.

After another half hour they spot the first ranch outbuilding, it looks unoccupied as they approach, she nods to go there.  They see tracks leading to and from on the dirt road and the driveway, they proceed.  They carefully pry open the door which doesn’t lock and see scattered debris, she silently points to the back room and smiles, they tip toe and open a battered bedroom door and spot the Gunner and Jeffries tied up, they hurriedly free them.  Jeffries is beat up, she hugs him and surrounds him with her love energy.  Perkins eyebrow is up, he sees what she is doing, he is studying her actions.  Hmmmmm.

They each grab a pillow case from the closet and stuff sheets, rope, shoelaces, wire, hacksaw blades, wire cutters, useful camping stuff and food, then hurriedly form up and head out.  The Gunner informs Perkins what happens, they got caught by the armed squatters, they have no time to talk,  there were more firearms hidden in the kitchen, the Gunner was a trained professional and listened carefully for where they stored their weapons. They quickly check their weapons and head out – back from where they came from.

At a brisk pace, they put distance between them and the cabin.  The Gunner thinks they won’t be back ’till dark, it is only 10A.M., Lisa nods in agreement – by observing his facial expressions when he talks she can tell if what he is saying is a true statement or not.  Both Perkins and the Gunner, seasoned professionals, notice this capability she is now exhibiting full-time.  Perkins looks at the Gunner with the expression, not now, I’ll tell you later, then Perkins thinks, I just did what she is doing.

Lisa makes peanut butter on crackers and passes them around as they walk briskly 3 miles up the road then cut off Northwest, back into the heavy treeline.   They look for a spot to leave the road, because they know the could be tracked by the gunman.  After an hour they feel safe again, stop, and take a water break.


Perkins had grabbed the newspaper on the kitchen table, he read the headlines again:  CAPTAIN PICKENS AND BRIDE MISSING.   The article has a pic of them fleeing, her in his underwear, he shows it to her, laughing.  That seemed like ancient history to him, as if happened years ago, he had been through such a remarkable transformation that his old self felt really old.

They head toward the Rampart Range Road northwest, they follow the contour lines as they go, progress is slow, they intentionally cross creeks in steep ravines so that vehicles or horses can not follow.  The gunner is now ranging ahead of the group by 50 to 200 yards, finding the best passage, he moves quickly while the group meanders.  When he finds the best trail, he silently stands looking back at Perkins until they make eye contact.  He does not yell or wave his arms, Perkins knows he is marking the spot for them to move toward.

Perkins has plenty of time to think, they are moving slowly, he watches Lisa delicately place her bare feet upon the earth, conscious of where she is stepping.  She is in a much higher vibration than she was before, Perkins intuits that the high vibratory state is the reason one is able to face read, especially in life threatening situations.  He remembers how the Gunner could read his facial expressions in the ranch cabin, everyone was in a high emotional state and in this state one could do things that they normally couldn’t do, like read faces accurately.

Transformed Lisa was in this state all of the time, Perkins immediately realizes this tactical advantage, he has a face reading weapon system, she knows what other people are thinking.  He wonders what her other capabilities are, he wonders if her special training was not just mind control training but weapons training, he remember the 9mm clips she gave him and how she acted like she didn’t know anything about weapons.  Lisa now intrigues him.  She looks up at him while he has these thoughts, with a facial expression of have no worries, I am protecting you.  He is starting to believe her claim.


Chapter 5 Living Free



Perkins moves his band north, spring has arrived, the weather is warmer, it is time to move toward thicker cover, the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest.  He has been married to Lisa for two days, they both have been in a process of personal transformation, they have now been bonded as a mating pair by Nature, or as Perkins calls it, the Universal Energy Management System, which most people have the audacity to call God.


Perkins is living free and he thinks the revolutionary movement, any authentic revolutionary movement, at any time in history, is always about one thing, human evolution toward freedom.  He sees the problem with the former United States, in which freedom was intentionally sabotaged by monied interests which profit from tyranny, would return to freedom by natural process.  America was in the process of transformation in 2015, as tyranny waxed, people would revolt and he would lead them.

He is determined to free his nation from Jewish control, and to do this he has free the minds of the slaves, those bound by the Judeo-Christian mythos.  His potential allies are the very indoctrinated religious slaves who he wishes to free, people who believe the Bible, the premier Jewish written propaganda document that enslaves men with the god meme.  Christians believe that ‘God’ instituted government, and thus the evil state was a result of religious belief.

The state is an outgrowth of this literature that masquerades as spiritual literature.  True spirituality would free people, not enslave them.  So one of the primary tasks of a revolutionary leader is to change the minds of the slaves.  The slaves never know their status until it is too late, because those in charge of the system make sure the slaves are completely duped.  Christians were duped, they were arming themselves from the tyranny of the out of control government, but they could not stop the destruction of their freedom because they were psychically bound to the destroyer document – the Holy Bible.

You can not have a free society when people believe state tyranny to be freedom.  Many Christian Americans still falsely believed the tale of 911, a pre-planned and engineered false flag attack used to blame Muslims for those on the inside who were planning on attacking Muslim states for geo-political objectives.  911 was an inside job by those wishing to trance-form America into a totalitarian state.  They achieved that goal with full support of the Christian churches, and 911 truth was not just up against Jewish mastermind criminals, the Christian churches had circled the wagons around the real perpetrators.

Perkins and Lisa are now free, they are literally living free inside the system of control.  This system will never let them be, it is their enemy, and they will destroy it because they have no other choice, they will have to destroy it in order to maintain their integrity as free beings. 

So Perkins continues his train of thought, that which attempts to coerce you to obey a corrupt system must be destroyed because the system destroys personal integrity.  Maintaining personal integrity is equivalent to fighting an authentic revolution. The system is run by people without integrity – who use state coercion to force people with integrity to comply with evil.

Thus the primary revolutionary task is to destroy those without integrity, which Perkins quickly surmises, is nearly everyone.  So the revolutionary leader has the daunting task of waging war on a system that has corrupted everyone.

And he knows exactly what the real problem is, it is with the Holy Bible and those indoctrination centers that teach this very bad Jewish propaganda literature as truth.  The churches of America are going to have to change, but they will probably not change, so that can only mean that the revolutionaries will be required to destroy their primary threat, the churches, and especially the synagogues that teach the control system as a system of God.

There are two groups in America, Perkins reasons, very few free people and the masses who are coerced and compromised.  The system is run by those who are corrupted by Jewish controlled money, but the system is maintained by the preacher, who teaches the false Jewish reality with the Jewish propaganda book, the Holy Bible.  So for Perkins, his enemy is the Bible, and that is what must be destroyed for the Second American Revolution to succeed.

Perkins, being quick to intuit what must be going on, he also knows that he must be waging this revolution on behalf of the goddess energy, he has been assigned a representative of hers so to speak, Lisa.  Lisa is channeling the Goddess.  Lisa has extraordinary skills at emotional face reading and Perkins suspects that she has more skills buried from some earlier training.  He intends to find out just what she can do.  He looks at the Gunner and Jeffries, and nods for them to come sit down next to him and Lisa.

Perkins has spread out a bedsheet for him and Lisa to have a picnic while they are taking a rest.  He removes his Ruger 9mm from his pack, it has a loaded clip.  He says, “Hey Babe, can you clean this for me?”  Lisa is sitting opposing him, happily preparing food, slicing cheese on crackers.  She stares at him while she picks up the firearm and disassembles it without blinking an eye. She proceeds to quickly clean each part with a cloth torn from the bed sheet and reassembles the gun while looking directly at him, not the parts. Perkins is frozen staring at her, daring not to break his gaze at her face until she is done.

When she completes the task, she hands him the pistol butt first, he puts it away.  Perkins looks over the Gunner with a raised eyebrow, smiling, with the expression how do you like these apples?  The Gunner and him exchange further expressions, both now knowing there is a whole lot of skills she has that they don’t know about.  Perkins looks back at her face, “That was great babe,” and extends his arm toward the Gunner who instinctively removes his rifle from his shoulder and hands him his AR-15.  “That was really excellent, can you clean this one?”

He passes the gun to her, barrel up.  She does the same, disassembles the firearm fast efficient like she has this weapon memorized.  Then the Gunner hands Perkins the oil lube bottle, who places it down in front.  She oils exactly the parts that require oiling, then reassembles the firearm, bolt open, clip installed.  After that impressive display, they all stand up for a breather while she continues preparing food like it was nothing.  Perkins realizes the value of anyone that can disassemble and clean weapons, and if you can’t fight, you can do gun maintenance.

The band of ‘outlaws’ continued on their journey, Perkins now ponders the revolution again.  If every free person would act to preserve their integrity, by killing those asserting authority, the police, and those teaching false Bible spirituality, the preachers, then the system would transform itself from within.  So why hasn’t that happened yet he wonders?  The only plausible explanation was that those in the belly of the beast tolerated the system from their religious indoctrination.  Christians supported the state, which enslaved them.  But now the state had turned against Christians, home schoolers, Libertarians, gun owners, organic farmers, veterans, and anyone with an IQ over 100.

America needed another revolution but the people were confused, and the reason they were confused was that the state was efficient at keeping them that way with effective propaganda – primarily through the churches and the television.  The corrupt system of the Jew was nothing but endless warmongering, deceit, and death.  It must be replaced by a free and prosperous system of peoples who could think for themselves.

And the reason why this was not spontaneously happening was that the system was being maintained by theists preaching the Holy Bible.  This book had tales of destruction, about an angry god who destroys with rage.  Thus Christianity must be a death cult, and Christians supported a political system that continuously waged war.  America had been in war for most of its existence, America was in these wars based on Biblical indoctrination of supremacy and dominance.  Thus his enemy was this supremacy death cult, and the memes that formed the death cult memeplex, that had been assembled into a book called the Holy Bible.

Thus, Perkins carefully reasoned, the only hope for America was an internal transformation of coming out of the Bible spell.  To live free one must own their own mind, and to do that one must not believe any myth literal, whether political or religious.  Religious indoctrination that taught slavery as freedom must be replaced by authentic spirituality.  What America needed was a spiritual revolution, where robotic worker slaves, who voluntarily paid taxes into the very system that was enslaving them, and became rational about their lives.

This got Perkins philosophizing on the revolutionary movement, and those running the system, his enemy were doing great harm, while the Goddess energy was doing no harm, the goddess energy was pro-life, the malevolent system was anti-life.  How could human civilization have gotten to this point, that human being were waging war on life?  Perkins wondered and wondered about this, how could it even be possible that life forms evolving on a planet, humans, could have gotten it so wrong?  The answer was Jewish malevolent philosophy.

As Perkins ended this long process of reasoning he once again started paying attention to his new bride, who was walking barefoot in front of him, and why she was sidestepping plants and bugs.  Why was Lisa walking with such delicate care?  He continued to follow silently behind her until he could categorize her behavior – he noticed that she was doing no harm. 

He then realized that in order for her to maintain a high vibration that she could not intentionally harm life.  He also knew the opposite must be true, those in low vibration would do harm.  Thus the problem with Americans was now clear, they were in a low vibratory state, from many different sources but primarily one source, the belief in the Jewish written Holy Bible.

So Perkins wondered, what must be the first rule of the Goddess?  It must be DO NO HARM.  Then Perkins contrasts that precept with the current system, which does great harm.  Most people are against harm, so how does the corrupt system wage wars of harm when nearly everyone is against harm?

The answer stuns our Captain Perkins, his realization causes him to call for an early water break so that he can jot down this conclusion, the harmful system exists for only one and only one reason, the Holy Bible teaches low vibration, it teaches Jewish hate as love.